about us

Founded in 2018, Amora Curls produces natural haircare products for afro, curly and relaxed hair, with personalized recipes without chemicals 100% produced in Portugal. The Brand was created to fill the gap in the market and also provide the best hair care routine using the best technology available for afro hair type and to celebrate cultural diversity. In Portugal, the products will be available online and in selected stores. The brand's website and social media network existed not only for marketing purposes, but as a forum for exchanging ideas, tricks, and tips to increase consumer knowledge. Amora Curls's mission is to offer a unique experience based on the appreciation of natural beauty.

mission statement

Cherishing your uniqueness

What do we do?

Taking care of your hair sometimes can be changeling for several reasons. Thereupon we have created these products keeping in mind that curly hair has its own characteristics, thereby our products helps to keep them healthy, beautiful & truly unique.

 Our purpose is to help YOU to take care of YOUR own hair the best way as possible, that´s why we selected the best products available on the market that will bring not only the best of your hair, but the best of you.

Since we believe that everyone have its unique traits and features that needs to be respected and being take care of.

Whom do we do it for?

We do it for everyone that feels comfortable in their own skin, and has the unmoved conviction that you are perfect exactly just the way you are.

What value are we bringing?

We embrace your uniqueness and we believe that you own your beauty.


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